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          Epic Oceanside Scenery
          Documentary-Based Wedding Photography
          Only Available?In St. John’s, Newfoundland

          Zach Wheeler // Photographer

          Hi! I am a Newfoundland based wedding photographer loted in North Ameri’s oldest city, St. John’s. When I’m not training for the Tely 10 (11 down!) or doing one of the endless renos on my home (it never ends!), you n find me with a mera in my hand; either photographing the rugged Atlantic coastline or documenting once-in-a-lifetime events.

          My wedding work has been featured in marketing brochures for Raymonds, Merchant Tavern and the Yellow Bely, landspe artwork in the House of Commons, and websites such as Looks Like Film, The Knot and Junebug Weddings.

          Modern, documentary based photography

          I?specialize in modern, documentary based photography coverage.?The way I?see it, my?job is to pture the authentic moments that make up your wedding story using ndid and emotional imagery. I?believe wedding photography doesn’t have to be boring or traditional or old-fashioned or cheesy or overly staged. It n be real and raw and beautiful and compelling. I’m also slightly obsessed with sniffing?out?unique?and creative lotions and love featuring this colourful province as our backdrop.

          2022 Bookings and Beyond

          Myself and Allie just had our first child on November 27th, 2017? (Owen, 9lbs+ !!!); and beuse of this, there will be some changes will be happening at Zach Wheeler Photography. For 2022 and beyond, I will, for the most part, only be focusing on small-ish (50 guests or less) weddings in St. John’s with coverage up to 4 hours. I’ve also switched up my wedding packages; they’re simpler and more straightforward. By default, they include everything you need and nothing you don’t. I’ve always designed my offerings based on what I’d want if I was looking for a photographer.